Welcome, Pattern Enthusiasts…

by Dustin


Well, this is my very first entry on my very first blog.

I have a fascination with the world of designer sewing patterns. I just love the way that they correlate with the fashion you find in the history books, because they were the actual fashions! When you flick through a vintage Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar magazine you can come across divine clothing which you can only dream about ever wearing, but with sewing patterns you can bring your favourite vintage designs by your favourite designers and couturiers back to life! It is amazing to me to think that a woman, especially one who was living in a rural area far from the fashion capitols and existing on a modest income, could go to their local fabric store and pick up a pattern and go home to make themselves a Dior (or at least a good imitation).

First and foremost I love the clothing designs and learning how the pattern is cut and constructed. But to me what gives the pattern allure and charm is the image on the envelope. Fashion is all about selling an image and, back in the day, Vogue Patterns took their image as seriously as the best fashion magazines and employed some of the best photographers and models to market their patterns, which was only appropriate to a company that licensed their designs from the best designers in the world.

There are already several blogs out there which I admire and follow that are based around sewing patterns, and I thought that I have something that I could add to the discussion, so that’s why I started this blog.

Finding information regarding vintage sewing patterns can be very difficult. Usually, if one can’t find the information they’re after on the Internet then the information has to be sourced from vintage magazines and books, which can be hard to find and very expensive, but even then there can be many questions left unanswered.

I’ve been collecting vintage, and new, designer sewing patterns (mostly Vogue) for just over two years now. I’ve acquired quite lot of knowledge and information regarding patterns and sewing culture from throughout the years. It wasn’t always easy to get that information, however I must admit that the hunt was part of the fun, but not being able to find what I was after was frustrating at times. Therefore, I thought that sharing this information may be appreciated by other pattern enthusiasts with the same insatiable appetite for those paper packets of fashion history!

Stay tuned…